Research Direction: Manufacturing low dimension Oxide materials by Laser and studying their properties

Research Activities and Major Achievements

※ Research on Interaction between Light and Low-Dimensional Oxides

※ Ferromagnetic, ferroelectric, optoelectronic and second-order nonlinear optics of low-dimensional oxides

※ Research on artificial neural synapse optoelectronic devices based on oxide films


Recently published papers

[1] Hao Pan, et al. Science, 374, 100-104(2021). IF=47.728

[2] SisiLi, et al. Advanced Materials, 33, 2001324(2021). IF=30.849

[3] Qinghua Zhang, et al. Nature Communications, 12:1853(2021). IF=14.919

[4] Ge Li, et al. Nature Communications, 13:1729(2022). IF=14.919

[5] Qiao Jin, et al. Physical Review Letters, 128, 017272(2022). IF=9.161


Research Group Overview:

(Undertaking projects and funding availability, talent introduction and student training, etc.)

National Foundation of China Innovation Research Group Project, Research on Frontier Issues in the Interaction of Light and Several Important Matters, 11721404  (2018-2023)

National Key R&D Program, Precise preparation, novel properties and multi-field regulation of low-dimensional systems, 2019YFA0308500  (2019-2024)

National Key R&D Program (Youth), Quantum-derived phenomena and multi-field control of novel self-supporting low-dimensional systems, 2020YFA0309100  (2020-2025)

The subject of the institutionalized scientific research project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Novel states of matter and comprehensive extreme regulation of low-dimensional quantum materials, 173005000000200016 (2021-2025)

There are 3 general projects of the Fund Committee, 2 sub-projects of the key R&D plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology, 1 strategic pilot B sub-project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 1 talent project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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